Free Your Mind, and the Rest Will Follow

We continue this week in our series “Moo Out Loud” to try and figure out how we can stand up and be heard above the noise of the herd.  So today we dealt with the first of our five practices, and that is, to free our mind.

From the moment you were born, people have attacked the brilliance of your mind.  Yes, that’s true.  That’s not an overstatement.  We’re afraid of people who think.  For what reason, I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because they won’t agree with us and conform and get in line, and do what the power-brokers and gatekeepers want them to do. But there is one striking fact. When God created us in his image, He trusted us enough to give us a brain: the ability to think, to ponder, to consider, to choose.  And what do we do in return for the favor? We allow crazy people to bring it into bondage.

So as you listen to the talk today, talk with your family, or your small group about the three different ways we allow our minds to be in bondage.  Do any of those show up in your family or your workplace? How much money are these limiting beliefs causing you?  How much true success is eluding you because you’re trapped in one of these prisons?

Also walk through the three declarations that we talked about yesterday.  Consider each one carefully.  What do they mean to you? And I challenge you this week, to say them.  You’ll probably be embarrassed to say them out loud unless you’re in your car or your house alone.  But say them in your heart and spirit.  Say them as an act of gratitude and worship to the God who thought you were important enough to be on this planet, at this moment.

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