Getting at the Core of Your Greatest Fear

We started a brand new series at The Gathering yesterday entitled, “Fear Less, Live More: Getting Through Life in One Peace.”

Fear is everywhere.  There are cosmetic fears, cultural fears, and there are some basic, core fears.  It just seems to me as I’ve lived my own life, and talked and counseled with so many others, one of the greatest core fears we have is fear of rejection.

It’s the fear of being found out, singled out, and shut out.  It’s the worry that somehow we’re not enough.  And then it’s being shame-bound; not only by false fear, but real guilt where we’ve opted for a lifestyle that grieves the heart of God and causes us to live far beneath our potential.

So if you want to know how to deal with this core fear of rejection, and what to do with those secrets, behaviors, habits, (and yes let’s call them sins) that we cover up; how to bring them out into the light of day, how to find grace, forgiveness, and renewal of spirit, this is the talk for you.

I talked about the three pillars of peace.  Find out if you have those as a solid foundation for the life that you’re living.

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