Greatness Comes From the Most Unlikely Places; Maybe Even You

Today at The Gathering we continued in our current series “Yea God: Eight Things About God You Can’t Learn in Church” with “Yea God: You’re Partial to Rednecks and Rebels.”

It’s hard to predict where greatness comes from.  We think we know.  We think it’s in education, family pedigree, or just plain luck.   And yet we know exactly how God defines greatness and the kinds of people He can and cannot, will and will not use to do amazing things.

Two of the greatest enemies of the 21st Century man are not work and challenge, but boredom and apathy.  If you want to break out of the rut you’re in and find out the kinds of qualities God is looking for to elevate a person to genuine greatness, then check out today’s talk.

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