Hope is Everything

Yesterday we continued in our series, “The Great Recovery,” with the second of the basic beliefs that can rebuild our nation.  And that is, hope is everything.

The great thing about hope is that everyone can have it.  And then those who have it can give it.  And once it’s given, everything begins to change.  At your workplace, in your family, anywhere you go, anywhere people gather, they need hope. And you’re just the one to infuse it.

We talked about the difference in hope; the three different kinds of hope: Hope as a want, hope as a wish, and then hope that actually works.  We talked about the five hopes of God, and how we can make them work in our everyday lives.

The first basic belief that rebuilds a nation is that God is for us.  The second is, hope is everything.  And once you have hope you have everything you need.

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