How to Have a High-Class Wedding on a Shoestring Budget: Today on the David and Paula Show

The average wedding in America is a big deal.  It’s something that is dreamed about and looked forward to for years and years.  It has become a spectacle, and an expensive one at that.

In light of the fact that the average wedding in America costs between $38,000 and  $50,000, David and Paula talk about how to make the wedding preparation and the day something special without cleaning out your bank account.

Getting married should be a moment we always remember.  And that’s not dependent on the money, but on the meaning that we bring to bare for this amazing ceremony and covenant that launches a brand new family and possibility.

Just click this link and join us at 10 AM Central.  If you miss the show today you can go to iTunes and subscribe.  Just search for the David and Paula Show.

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