How to Start Your Own Business: Step 1

Alright, for the past couple of days I’ve been advocating a “mind your own business” mentality rather than a “work for the man” attitude.

Why is this important?  It’s because we need people just like you, with talent, faith, and heart to create more businesses that meet the gaping needs that we see in our society.  And they are growing every single day.  They are everywhere, all around you.

So, here’s the first thing you need to start a great business: you need a core.  And here is why a core is important.

  • A set of beliefs and values help define for you the way life ought to be.
  • These beliefs and values give you a starting point or an anchor from which to view the world as it is.
  • The gap that exists between the world as it should be according to your beliefs and values, and how it really is as you look out at it every day, becomes the market into which your new company can thrive.
  • A core helps your business know what is ever-changing as opposed to what is never-changing.  Beliefs and values endure.  Technologies and strategies morph and evolve.
  • Your core and how you relate it to the real world is your unique perspective. It’s how you see how things can be, as opposed to how they are.  So at the very heart of every great enterprise are a set of core beliefs and values.  These beliefs and values represent the foundation, the fundamentals, the big “why.”

Remember, people don’t pay premium prices for Apple products just because they’re shiny. They’re attracted to them because there’s a very well-defined set of core beliefs and values that the people who own and use those products care about and are willing to pay for.

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