How Will You Be Remembered?

We began a brand new teaching series yesterday at The Gathering entitled, “Leave No Doubt: 6 Things Worth Standing Up For.” The heart of this teaching series is to acknowledge the fact that all of us want to be remembered.  But we want to be remembered for the right things.  How often have we heard people talk at a funeral unable to say anything about the person who has passed away because they don’t know much about what they stood for?  When I am finished with this life I want people to know what the themes of my life were.

As I’ve counseled, led, and coached people over the years, I’ve come to understand that while we may all be different, from different places, even different cultures, we’re still all very much the same.  We all want to be heard, we all want to be respected, and we all want to be remembered.  The question is, what for?

So yesterday we talked about the four things in my life I want to be remembered for.  As you listen to this talk, maybe you’ll resonate with one or all of these things.  And while they all may be good things, maybe you would describe your life differently. The question is not what four do you adopt, but the fact that you take responsibility to live so clearly and distinctly before people that people remember you for some important things.  It’s your life and you get to choose not only how you live it, but how you’ll be remembered.

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