Is There Life After Divorce? – Today, on the David and Paula Show

Divorce is no longer an issue “other people” deal with.  The fact is, so many of us are divorced, and if we have not had that experience, we know someone who has or are related to someone who is going through it.  So today David and Paula focus not on not getting a divorce, but what do you do once a divorce is inevitable? Is there life after divorce?  Is divorce the unpardonable sin? How do you respond to the pain and the loss?  How soon is too soon to start dating?  And what about getting married again?  All these questions and more, live on The David and Paula Show today at 10:00 AM Central.

Join us for the David and Paula Show this morning at 10:00 Central time, as we give time-tested advice on how to live, love, and have a life all at the same time.

Just click this link and join us at 10 AM Central.  If you miss the show today you can go to iTunes and subscribe.  Just search for the David and Paula Show.

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