Join Us for the David and Paula Show Today for Episode Twelve: How to Juggle all the Demands of Marriage, Family, and Work, and do it Really, Really Well

One of the common themes we hear in our counseling is how stressed we all are in our demands of work, family, and children.

It seems hard these days after all you give at work and at home, to have any time left for yourself. But let’s face it.  If you break, if you’re unhealthy, then everything else you do is going to be affected  Join us for the David and Paula Show this morning at 10:00 Central time, as we give time-tested advice on how to live, love, and have a life all at the same time.

Just click this link and join us at 10 AM Central.  If you miss the show today you can go to iTunes and subscribe.  Just search for the David and Paula Show. You can carry it with you on your mp3-player and listen during your commute to work, or together with your mate at the end of a challenging day.

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