Open Letter to Pastors and Leaders of the American Church

Good Morning to all my brothers and sisters in the cause of the Good News of the gospel of Jesus.  It’s Monday morning, right?  We all know what kind of reputation Monday has in our world.

The Monday morning blues and blahs because yesterday didn’t go well, attendance was down, offerings are down, volunteers didn’t show up or they quit.  Or you can even have the Monday morning letdowns from a good day, where everything did go well, because now you’re worried about how everything is going to go next week.  How do you sustain this growth and experience?  You know the story.

Here is a word of encouragement.  Do not, I repeat, do not place all of your self-worth and significance in what happens on Sunday morning at your church, good or bad.

The truth is, when things go really, really, really well, we’ve had almost nothing to do with it.  Come on, be honest.  We worked, we tried, but we all know we can put the same amount of effort, prayer, study, and preparation, and the weekend can be flat as it can be; maybe even down.

I know this isn’t easy.  I’ve been there, trust me.  I’ve dreaded Monday mornings to see the offering and attendance reports, and see how the staff is all over the place; tired, not reporting, acting as though the weekend is some kind of terrible obligation and burden to be gotten over.

Hey, it’s Monday.  It’s a new week.  Breathe in, breathe out, go for a run, go for a walk, ride a bike.  Lighten up.  Don’t let too much ride on any given weekend, good or bad.  God is still alive.  His promise to build His church is still in force. It is not your obligation or responsibility.  What it is, is a privilege, a joy to be able to join God in the good work He is doing in the world.

You do no one, especially yourself and your family, any favors by being burdened, mad, upset and resentful.  Be filled with joy, be free, let God do His thing. I live by this Monday morning mantra: I get up, I suit up, I show up, I’m only obligated to do the one next right thing, and I trust God for the results

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