RG2G 015 Time to ReChurch Yourself: An Interview With Stephen Mansfield

All across America, on any given Sunday morning there are millions upon millions of people who call themselves Christians, who don’t attend church.  That sounds rather odd, doesn’t it, in light of the fact that that’s what Christians are called to do: to gather, to worship God.  So what’s gone wrong?

Today we interviewed author, speaker, and former pastor, Stephen Mansfield on his new book entitled, “ReChurch: Healing Your Way Back to the People of God.” In this insightful volume, Mansfield traces the journey of so many who have been hurt by the church.  He talks about why they don’t go back, what they’re looking for, and why they should face the hurt of the past and ReChurch themselves.

This is an insightful speaker, an insightful interview, and the book worth reading.  If you know anyone whose been hurt by a church, who justifies not attending church and participating in public worship because they were hurt, or betrayed and they feel bitter about what was done to them in the name of God, ask them to give today’s program a listen.

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