RG2G 019 How to Know Your Christianity No Longer Is

I am of the firm conviction that you have every right to reject Jesus and all the tenants of Christianity.  But you don’t have the right to redefine the Christian faith to mean anything you want it to.

With all the confusion these days and all the books and other information swirling around that seem to redefine the Christian faith, I thought it was time to just sit down an lend my voice to the conversation.

Christianity revolves around one person; and that’s Jesus Christ: who He is, what He taught, what He demanded how He saw the world, and how His followers understood that and have implemented it over the 2,000 years since His time on earth.

On our show today I talked about some of the fundamentals of Christian faith that cannot be changed and it still be Christian.  This is important for you as you judge the books you read and the talks you hear.  If you are a speaker, a leader, and an influencer in the American church, it’s important for you to make sure you understand that you are not free to interpret the Christian faith in any way you choose.

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