RG2G 025 How Do You Grow a Strong and Fruitful Faith?

Millions of people attended church last Sunday.  And millions more will show up this coming Sunday. For that I say, Yea God!  If for you, going to church is going to worship, to connect to God and other messy people, I applaud you for making this a discipline of your week.  Not only do you obey a direct command of God, you also set yourself up to win.

But let’s face it.  One hour, one day a week isn’t enough to grow a strong, fruitful faith. It has to be more.  What else do you do?  How does faith grow strong?  How does faith become more fruitful with time?  How does it flourish in the fires of adversity?  What are the disciplines that you need to be working into your life?

As you listen to the episode today, you might be surprised at not only how simple these disciplines are, but actually, believe it or not, (forgive me for being vulgar here) how much fun they really are.

Let’s be honest.  If you’re having to make your faith work, if you’re having to tolerate the distance of God, if you’re having to get up and drag yourself to church, maybe it’s time you made your faith fun again. Yeah, I said “fun again”.  I know, it seems unimportant doesn’t it.  But here’s what I’ve learned.  Whenever there is high achievement, whenever relationships are good and growing, when asked, people would describe them by almost exclusively one characteristic quality: “I’m having fun out there. I’m having fun in my marriage.  I’m having fun at work.” Faith should be fun too. Our fun is joy, peace, energy, passion, a love for life, and a love for God.  It’s all yours, all possible, and we’ll talk about it today on a Renegade’s Guide to God.

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