RG2G 027 Since Business is Evil, Can it be Christian?

One of the famous sayings spawned by the movie, “The Godfather” is this, “It’s not personal; it’s business.” Living in Nashville, I also hear this one often: “Christian music is sometimes Christian, sometimes music, but all the time business.” We also hear phrases like this: “It’s time that big business gives back.”

The truth is, more times than not, business as a trade is something that is sinister, evil, and only obsessed on making money.  But is that the true nature of business?  And if it is, can there be such a thing as Christian business, Christian music, Christian books, Christian bookstores?

So today on our show we talk about what the Scriptures have to teach us about business.  Can business be sacred? Can it be a calling?  Can it be a good thing? And does it need to be hyphenated, whether we’re Christian in order to be good, to be righteous, and God-honoring?

There is a ton of misinformation out there about business. We disdain business.  We don’t want to be in business.  We simply want to have a job and go home and leave the dirty business to the higher-ups and the corporate chiefs.  But is this God’s will, God’s way, and most of all, God’s calling?  We’ll find out today on episode 27.

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