RG2G 031 How to Get Unstuck With God and Go to the Next Level

Not a week goes by when someone doesn’t say to me, “David, I’m stuck in my faith. I’m losing it.  God seems far away and it just seems like I’m going to church and going through the motions, but nothing is changing in my life, at least nothing for the better.”

When you’re stuck in your faith, there are real reasons.  It’s not a mystery.  The things you can do, or maybe things that you’re not doing: acts of self-discipline that guarantee that you’re constantly moving forward with God, growing a stronger faith and being able to turn adversity into advantage, and pain into the kind of gain God had in mind when he allowed it to come your way.

On Renegade’s Guide to God, today, we talk about the questions you can ask yourself when you’re stuck in your relationship with God and your faith seems distant, unreal, or plastic and artificial.  Let me warn you.  These questions are penetrating, they’re personal, and they just may push you out of your comfort zone.  And isn’t that really what you want? The courage, the faith, the confidence and the boldness to step up to the next level with God and see God not only intervene in your life, but do actual, bonafide, real-world miracles like he did in the New Testament.  They’re not over and you can experience them if you do the work to get unstuck. Start growing again.

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