RG2G 050 Going to Hell From Church

Wouldn’t it be sad to spend your life as a religious person and miss God in eternity?  It scares me sometimes when, here in America, we have so much exposure to spiritual things that we fail to understand that just knowing about God, Jesus, and the content of Scripture is not enough.

On today’s show, I played a recent Christmas Eve talk that I gave called “The 4 R’s.”  I gave the talk because I’m scared that people could actually go to church all their lives and spend eternity separated from God. This talk is simple, brief, and to the point.  It’s in the context of our Christmas Eve service during which the room was packed with people standing up around the sides and sitting on the floor. It was truly a sacred moment.

Follow the 4 R’s.  Have you experienced each one of these?  If not, make sure that you have.  It can change your life forever.

Remember, Jesus isn’t looking for fans.  He only accepts followers.  Make sure you know the difference.

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