The Butless Apology

Here is the scene:  It’s a national figure on CNN, tearful, head-bowed, offering an apology for the mistakes they’ve made.

Everything’s going great.  It seems as though they’ve accepted responsibility for the titanic blunder they’ve just been caught making, and here it comes: the butt.  And with that small word, b-u-t, they negate the goodwill the apology created, and put themselves right back into the ditch.

When you’ve done something stupid at home, in your marriage, at work, with your friends, with your children, why do we need the “butt”?  Take full responsibility.  Don’t use the apology as a cover for lashing out at people you are angry with, disappointed with, or that you feel betrayed you.  If you’re going to apologize, apologize. Take the full weight of responsibility, humble yourself, ask for forgiveness, and then be silent.  And you’ll be amazed at what happens.

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