Throwing People Under the Bus is Habit-Forming

school-bus-front-study_lI’m a sports-guy and I read a lot of sports news; probably a lot more than I should.  And if you’re not, this story may not be on your radar, but it does illustrate an important point.  Last week, one of Brett Favre’s teammates on the New York Jets went on the radio and basically criticized Favre’s performance, his personality, and threw Brett Favre under the bus.

Now I don’t want to talk about Brett Favre, or the guy.  I just want to talk about the concept of throwing people under the bus.  Here’s what you need to understand.  Anyone who would throw anyone under the bus, even someone you don’t like, will one day throw you under the bus.  So be very careful who you associate with who, even in their righteous indignation, would publicly or even privately throw other people under the bus.

Jesus had a unique way of resolving personal conflict; and that is, face-to-face.  That rarely happens anymore with email, text, Facepage, Twitter, etc.  It’s too easy to fire off an emotionally laden response or over reaction to something that you’ll learn to regret.

My advice: don’t throw people under the bus.  Be generous.  Even with those who deserve it, be generous.  You’ll be glad you did.

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