Today is My 4-year Blogging Anniversary

Four years ago today I began blogging.  I didn’t even know what it was, much before I started doing it.  But looking back on four years, I have some reflections:

  • I’m glad I started because starting was the hardest part.
  • I’m glad I use WordPress because WordPress is easy to update.
  • I’m glad I put my observations and thoughts down on paper.  Now I have them chronicled; not only for others to read and benefit by, but for me to remember what I was thinking four years ago, three years ago, or even two months ago.
  • It’s allowed me to contribute to the conversation about life, love and relationships.
  • It’s allowed me to dispel a lot of weirdness that goes on in the name of God by giving my take on spirituality.
  • It’s allowed me to make contact with people I would have never known all across the country.
  • It allows me to inspire others and extend my influence for good.
  • It’s a discipline that causes me to think, crystallize my ideas, and put them down, and communicate.
  • It allows me to be a part of the solution, not just curse the darkness and the problems.
  • It may serve as a spark for an idea or creative solution to someone who reads it.
  • It’s allowed me to consciously avoid being negative and attacking people in print, because there have been oh so many times that I’ve wanted to.

These are just a few of the ideas of why blogging in the past four years has been good for me.  I think I am a better person, and I’ve been fortunate to think and process information and ideas rather than just letting them be dismissed and pass on by.  My goal in the next four years is to continue blogging only those things that are helpful to my readers: things that help inspire; ideas and observations that may make life a little clearer, and choices a little easier.

What are you doing today that you are glad you started four years ago?  Or are you still “planning on” getting started?

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