Today @ The Gathering – February 3rd

Today @ The Gathering we continued the series “Finding My Motivation” with the 5th installment, “What to Do When There’s Not Enough of You to Go Around: How to live well, love well, and have a life all at the same time.”

We highlighted the importance of living a 3-D Life in all three dimensions; public, personal, and private.

We talked about the Three Great Successes in life: succeeding at work that matters, loving well those people around you, and having a private life out of which both of those things flow. We talked about the importance of your personal identity of who you are, in forming your relationships, and then your public dimension.

We learned about the Three Dangers of 1-Dimensional Living:
1. Succeeding in ways that don’t matter.
2. Succeeding in ways that do damage to the people you love.
3. Succeeding in ways that do damage to your own soul.
What a timely installment.

One of the other issues we discussed is recognizing that there always will be more to do than can be done by you. The urgent will indeed crowd out the important. And in light of those two things, you and only you are responsible for taking care of yourself first. This would be a great talk to listen to particularly if you’ve been told that you serve others to the detriment of yourself.

We were given an interesting definition to business. If you find yourself saying to people, “I’m tired and behind” when they ask you how you’re doing, this is definitely the talk for you.

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