Today @ The Gathering – June 29

Today @ The Gathering we continued in the series, “You Got Great Potential,” with the message entitled, “You Gotta Stay Hungry.”

Today we dealt with the promise of Jesus that simply says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”

Too many of us go through life with a small cup easily filled, or a cup turned upside down, which simply can’t be filled. God dares us to measure the size of the life we want and to go for it.

We also learned that when we say we are Christians there are many things we are not saying, but there are three positive things we are saying.
1. We are seekers. That we take seriously Jesus’ invitation to seek and knock, and we don’t quit. We continue to do it. It’s not a one-time thing or a quick fix in a desperate situation. It’s a life lived hungry for more of God and more of life.
2. When I say I’m a Christian, I’m saying I’m a learner, which means I’m constantly reading and studying God’s word and reading other great books and learning from other great people. I have been given a great gift to be a truth-seeker and to have a love of learning. All truth is God’s truth wherever I find it and if I honestly seek truth, wherever it is, whether it’s in the classroom or the factory floor, ultimately that truth will lead me to Jesus.
3. When I say I’m a Christian, I’m definitely saying that I’m a work in progress.

As a work in progress, by God’s grace and with His help:
1. I will be confident but never arrogant.
2. I will be content but never satisfied.
3. I will be full but never finished.
4. I will be loved but never lazy.
5. I will be at peace but never passive.
6. I will suffer but never sour.

Join us next week when we continue in this series with a talk entitled, “What if You Had Green Teeth?”
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