Today @ The Gathering – November 9

Today at The Gathering was an exciting time as people gathered from all over metro Nashville to experience worship in a loving, safe, caring environment.  It really is true that The Gathering is becoming a great church people love going to.  It’s evidenced in what you see going on in the hallways before and after the two services.  People are standing and talking and relating and laughing.  And people are coming up and asking for more information:  How can I get involved?  How can I volunteer?  How can I do something that makes a difference with my life as The Gathering continues to grow more vibrant and significant with each passing week?

We heard a timely message in our series “Mastering My Emotional Monsters” with the talk entitled, “What To Do When You Feel Dumb.”

We talked about how we get into situations where we do really dumb and desperate things.  Here are four:

1.    We do really dumb things when we make the wrong compromises.
2.    We do really dumb things when we make the wrong comparisons.
3.    We do really dumb things when we use the wrong measurements.
4.    We do really dumb things when we listen to the wrong people.

We highlighted right out of the Scriptures, God’s prescription for what you do after you’ve thrown away your job, your life, your career, your family, your marriage – anything that’s sacred and valuable that gets lost when we make sinful choices.

What do you do after dumb?

1.    Turn to God.
2.    Forgive yourself.
3.    Find a tribe.
4.    Be an inspiration.

As you read about the good things that are going on at The Gathering, remember this: it is God’s idea that we gather each week to worship Him. Gathering is in our DNA.  It’s what we were made to do.  Life is not a solo sport.  You can’t learn or grow and mature in isolation.  Remember The Gathering is a great place, a great church made up of real, ordinary people; sinners, broken people, people who are winning more than they are losing, people who are gaining on their demons.

This would be an excellent place for you if you are looking for a real, revolutionary, life-changing relationship with your Creator; not just a set of dead rules, not some dusty to-do list, but real-life, everyday, where-rubber-meets-the-road help from the sacred Scriptures and from the tribe of grace.

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