Today @ The Gathering – September 28

Today @ The Gathering we completed our series, “Chasing Balance” with the seventh principle, the principle of renewal.

We discovered the four enemies of balance in our lives.  They are:

1.    The enemy of greed.
2.    The enemy of jealousy.
3.    The enemy of entitlement.
4.    The enemy of apathy.

We took an assessment to see if one of these enemies is throwing our life out of balance.  Greed makes us hurry and go constantly with no rhythm, release, joy, or sense of accomplishment in our lives.  Jealousy is the pain we feel over the achievements of others that we think we should have.  It’s not against the person, but against God who has been unfair.  The enemy of entitlement is the idea that I deserve something for which I haven’t worked or put for the effort.  Apathy ultimately is the end game of all three.

So on the basis of those four enemies, which are you?

1.    Do you live “have to” or “get to”?
2.    Do you live “could do” or “must do”? How many of us know people who, when they see great achievements say, “I could do that.”?  Maybe even, “I ought to do that.” But it’s the people who say, “I must do it” and get up and do it who make the difference.
3.    Do you live as a “victim” or a “victor”? The difference here is one is a reactor and another one is a responder.  One is apathetic, and the other one gets up and does something.

In order to bring constant renewal into our lives we were reminded of the four dimensions of renewal.

1.    The renewal of the mind.
2.    The renewal of commitments.
3.    The renewal of affection.
4.    The renewal of energy.

Next week we’ll begin a brand new series entitled, “Mastering My Emotional Monsters.” During this series we will learn what to do when your emotions get the best of you:

The Top Six Emotional “Musts”
What to do when you feel Lonely
What to do when you feel Betrayed
What to do when you feel Frustrated
What to do when you feel Depressed
What to do when you feel Dumb
What to do when you feel Desperate
I will be happy; so help me God

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