Today @ The Gathering: Where Do You Stand With God?

One of the most important questions you’ll ever answer for yourself of course is, “Where do I today stand with God?” That’s what we talked about today as we continued in our series, 12 Steps Up: How Messy People Mature.

In Step 11 of AA it states, “We’ve sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God.”

There is no effort that we yield more benefit and blessing to than the effort to stay consciously connected to God. Today we talked about four ways in which people try to relate to God: ignorance, information, and institutions. And when those don’t work, as they ultimately fall short, as good as they can all be, we opt for intimacy.

The very idea that we could be intimate with God can be overwhelming. Maybe that’s why people in Scripture who got closest to the essence of Jesus fell on their knees in fear, adoration, and worship; both wanting Him to be there and wanting Him to leave.

We also talked about a four-step test that each one of us can take to determine just how close we are to God. There are four characteristics of a life lived in intimacy with God. There’s rest, release, restoration and re-entry. Listen to the podcast of today’s talk and find out how to turn walking and waddling into flying.

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