Tomorrow @ The Gathering: I Will Conquer My Fears

We’re having a great time in our new series based on my book, “Accept No Mediocre Life.” This will be our fifth week as we turn our attention toward fear.

There is one common experience men and women in our current environment have – fear.  Fear knows no education, demographic, or economic station.  People everywhere, every day, in almost every area of their lives are challenged with the question, “Will fear conquer me and consume me, or will I conquer fear?”

This weekend at The Gathering we’re going to be talking about how to conquer fear.  Fear is neither good nor bad.  It’s what we do with it.  It’s like money.  Money is not the root of all evil, but it’s the excessive, compulsive desire to have money in order to do bad things to oneself and to others that makes money so dangerous.  Fear is exactly the same thing.

As a follower of Jesus, if I believe the content of the gospel, my approach to fear should be very different than everyone else’s.  Not the fact that I face it and have to deal with it and have to conquer it, but how I conquer it, how I understand it, and how I approach it.  Bottom line hint: fear is not all bad.  We’ll find out more about that this weekend at The Gathering.  Join us at 9:00 and 10:30 AM.

Also, maybe it’s time for you to get involved in some of the exciting things that are going on outside Sunday mornings.  Check out the Ladies’ Gathering on March 23rd.

And for the guys, whether you attend the Gathering or not, if you’re within driving distance of the Cool Springs area, join us on April 6th for a Gathering 4 Guys.

Or maybe you’re out there married and miserable, or married and tolerating it, or married and making it more like work than joy.  Join us April 30th at our first ever Live Event, “Making Marriage Fun Again.”

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