When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

One of the most dangerous places you can ever be in your life, is being sick and tired.  What we’re really saying is, we’re stuck.  More times than not, I’ve found that the weariness I feel is far more emotional than it is physical.

In this talk I spoke about the importance of guarding ourselves against those times when we are weary emotionally and mentally; when we feel we’re most desperate, depressed, and in some cases, downright hopeless.

The hard truth is this. A strong, firsthand, fruitful faith is forged over time through the refining fire.  A strong faith is not magic, it doesn’t present itself in a moment, but it grows over time when we do the right things.  In this talk I outlined several things we need to give attention to so that we make sure that over time we grow stronger, not weaker; more resolved, not less committed; more enthusiastic, not less excited.

The greatest challenge, I’ve found, is to stay enthusiastic, passionate, and engaged as you get older.  Remember, getting old is a choice, getting older is a privilege.  And as we grow in our faith, we can also grow in our love for life and our hope for the future.

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