Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

As our country searches for the answers to our economic downturn, what we’re really looking for are heroes; people who will stand up and not only lead the way, but show the way by their example.

For these past six weeks, we talked about six basic beliefs that can rebuild a nation, starting with believing in God’s favor; that is God is for us, no one can defeat us.  Also raising up values like hope,  work as a calling, money making us responsible, and the value of service.  But maybe the most important variable in the future we face is, can we recover the lost art of compassion?

Two times in the Scripture a question is asked, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  Both questions arose out of sarcasm and cynicism. But the Scriptures use both cases to answer in the affirmative.  What does that mean?  As a Christian, I show compassion, not only because I have to as a follower of Christ, but because I can, because I have a new capacity.  Christians can never be known as apathetic and uncaring.  We lead the way in the world in showing compassion in practical ways. 

Today we talked about six different qualities in a compassionate life.  As you listen to the talk, ask yourself, “Do these qualities show up in me every day? Where am I falling short and at what place can I change so I can join God in His work in the world?”

Can we really call ourselves Christians if we’re not known primarily for our compassion?

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