Windshield Wipers on the Roof?

I had occasion to be sitting in Washington Dulles Airport this past week in the middle of a snowstorm. Just before take-off we taxied over to get de-iced. As I was looking outside toward this unique rig they were using, I noticed the truck, which had a guy suspended above it in a bucket with a hose, had a big glass window in the roof with big windshield wipers. And it dawned on me. How odd. I never really thought about clearing the way of things that obstruct the roof.

Windshield wipers on the windshield make sense because I always need to see where I am going. Here’s what this seemed to say to me. We oftentimes look around us to see where we’re going. Too much of the time, we are confused and not really certain. Psychologists then tell us to look within us, and we’re confused to see the way. But how many times in a single day do we choose to look up above us, to look through the clear ceiling to what God may have to say?

When we look up, we get divine wisdom. When we look within, we get old, recycled feelings, hurts and emotions. When we look out, we get dazed and confused. If you don’t look up very often and the weather’s been bad, maybe the way is obscured. Maybe the windshield wipers on the roof aren’t a bad idea after all.

Maybe what you need to do today is turn them on. Clear away whatever is obstructing your vision from above. Maybe it’s divine wisdom that you need, divine guidance that you seek.

Every single day when I get up I do two things.

1. I submit my life to God’s devastating love, a love far greater than anything I can ever imagine. I know that God loves me and He loves this day and He put us together for a purpose. What ever happens to me will get to me through His love.

2. I also surrender to His divine providence, which means God has a way of doing things in His own time, and that timing is perfect. All of us know that a good thing can be a bad thing if done at the wrong time. Ask any guy who has bought his wife roses the day after their anniversary. The right thing, in the right place, at the right time is a God-thing and that’s called providence.

If you haven’t looked up for a while, or if you’ve looked up and the way is obscure, turn on those windshield wipers. They’re there. And clear away whatever is obstructing your view of a God who already has His face turned toward you.

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