As You Go Into Thanksgiving, Are You Counting Your Blessings?

Today at The Gathering we continued in our current series “Yea God: Eight Things You Can’t Learn About God in Church” with the installment entitled, “Yea God: You Give the Best Gifts.”

One of the saddest tragedies I’ve ever witnessed (and I witness it way too often) is a person who has everything in the world for which to be thankful, except the power to be so.  Their attitude reflects a sense of entitlement; that somehow God owes them a pass in life.  Today we talked about the attitude above all attitudes.  That’s the attitude of gratitude.  One of the most amazing Scriptures in the New Testament is often overlooked.  It simply says, and I quote, “No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you.”

No matter what happens, which means all of my circumstances get interpreted in light of Who God is, rather than interpreting God in light of the circumstances.  So today we talked about God’s best gifts.  Think of this.  The Scriptures teach us that every good and perfect gift is from above. It comes down from God.  Everything that you have is a gift from God. You have one Master Donor and He’s in a good mood, and so should you be.

So today we talked about seven of God’s best gifts.   If you’re going into Thanksgiving down, depressed, really glad that this year’s almost over, trying hard and getting little results, finding it really hard to count your blessings and see much to be thankful for, take these seven points I made today and let them readjust your attitude.

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