David’s Tweets for 2009-12-01

  • Tiger Woods is teaching me that transparency is vital to trust. With it, I can overcome anything; without it the smallest thing overwhelms #
  • Your business starts dying day you are more passionate about your product than you are the people your product was created to help. #
  • Men, tell your wife what you want. Stop assuming she know's #
  • Women, start telling your husband what you want in simple speech. Hints and threat are not effective! #
  • Should long term, highly effective, game-changing employee be treated differently at the end, i.e. Bobby Bowden? #
  • Pay attention to your life! Ignoring any aspect can be lethal! #
  • If you don't want to do things together; don't get married! #
  • Marriage means my spouse has veto power. Its both or nothing! #
  • a money problem faced today is smaller than a money problem ignored and faced in a year from now! #
  • It is never too late to change what you don't like about yourself! #

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