What Tiger Woods is Learning About The Brave New, Wireless, Wall-less, Worn-Out World

By now we all know that Tiger Woods is mired in a PR nightmare.  Something’s going on that he’s hiding; behind what, he’s not saying.  At least, that’s what we think.  Why?  Because Tiger Woods is failing to learn one thing that is true for everyone in this brave new, wireless, wall-less world.  And that’s the concept of transparency.

The Scriptures tell us to present before all people things that are honest and open.  That’s how we should live our entire lives.  With the Internet, social media, and instant communication, there is no distinction any longer between public, private, and personal (or at least not as much as there used to be).  And if you’re a public person you’ll understand very quickly that your private life can become public domain before you know it.

We may never know what’s going on, and maybe it’s none of our business.  Maybe there are things that should stay between Tiger, his wife, and whoever else is involved.  But the one thing Tiger is learning that we all need to learn is this: honesty, openness, and transparency are demanded of our influences these days.

No more deals in the background, no more hiding, and no more living double lives. Everything will ultimately come out in the open.  Everything you write is permanently on the Internet.  Everything you do, as Bud Adams, owner of the Tennessee Titans found out, can be recorded across the field on an iPhone video.  We’re always on stage.  And our lives should be lived so openly, honestly, and yes, even at times innocently that we would not be embarrassed in pubic by what we do in private

I know the sting of public scrutiny.  And here’s what I’ve learned: when you know it, tell it.  Be open and honest. Even if it stings at first, it will sting a lot less.  Where you’ve sinned and fallen, make a full confession.  Don’t call it a mistake; call it what it is – a sin.  You didn’t stumble; you made a choice.  Own up to it, do the right thing, ask for forgiveness and understanding, and I’ve found that people are amazingly gracious when you’re honest.

This isn’t just something Tiger is learning.  It’s something we all need to learn.

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