FMBS 013 John 1:15-38: God Gets Down and Dirty

We continue in our study of John in today’s episode.  We talk about the power of John the Baptist as he presents with great boldness and clarity, Jesus as the Messiah.

He talks about a new kind of grace, a power that will accompany the words and work of Jesus with the Holy Spirit.  We get introduced to the idea of the Trinity; that God is One expressed in three persons, with three very separate tasks to accomplish.

As you study these next verses, think about the richness of what it means for God to give us a new kind and a better kind of grace; what it means when they call Jesus, “Rabbi.”  What does it mean that He is a Teacher?  What did He come to teach us?  What’s the content and mission?  Is it being pushed forward today by the church, or has the church lost its way on a mission of its own?

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