RG2G 028 How to Get Over a Bad Church Experience

One of the most common experiences that Christians have is, somewhere down the road, a bad church experience.  Some of these disappointments are so deep, so painful, and so long-lasting that Christians even abandon the church and their faith altogether.

Today on Renegade we talk about why these things happen, how to understand them, and how are we to respond; not only in our own lives, but how do we respond to those who look on and justify their lack of faith and belief in Christ and His church because of all the foolishness that goes on in the name of God?  Today you’ll get some practical help and insight from a guy who has committed his life to the American church for the last 39 years.

This just may be the time for you to go back and find a community of faith where you can be loved as you are, and also make a difference.

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