FMBS 018 John 4:23-54 How Dare Jesus Say That

As we continue our study in the Book of John, I beg you to at least attempt to put your understanding into the first century context.  Jesus claims to be the Messiah; not a great teacher, not a great man, not a holy man, not even a man with the power to do miracles.  But the one and only God come down, to be prophet, priest, and King, as Redeemer, once and for all.

The other thing I want you to notice as we go through the study today is the Messiah is always communicated in terms of relationships, or in connection to them.  Jesus comes to the woman at the well: relationship.  She goes back and tells the people in town what she’s heard and what she’s experienced: relationship.  They come and hear Jesus: relationship.  The disciples who we all think are the great Green Beret of the Christian faith, still have to learn an awfully lot about Jesus in relationship.

Even Jesus raising from the dead, the official Son, was put in context of relationship. It’s important that you understand that the study of the Bible is not to make you a smarter sinner or not to give you an elevated sense of self-righteous, but to introduce you to a personal, radical transforming relationship with Jesus Christ as the only Messiah that we’ve ever had or are ever going to get.

Jesus said outrageous things, but if they are true, they are not only good news, they are the kind of hope we need and the kind of hope that sustains and creates a better future.

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