RG2G 033 Five Reasons I’m Not a Christian

Remember the days when claiming to be a Christian wasn’t so difficult? I don’t mean difficult in that we’re ashamed to be Christian.  It’s just that the term “Christian” means so many different things to so many different people, given the environment and the location.

So on the show today, we’re going to talk about the five things we don’t mean when we say we’re Christian. Sometimes we need to know as much about what we’re not saying so we can break the stereotypical view of what being a Christian is to so many people.

For example, to some people the word “Christian” conjures up politics, a capitalist view of the economy, and a moralism that few Christians can claim.

For others, the word “Christian” means fanatic, irrational believer, someone stuck in the past, someone unwilling to accept that science trumps faith.

One of the best things we can do as believers is to help people understand not only what we’re saying and what we’re claiming when we call ourselves Christians, but also what we’re not saying.  All this today, on Renegade’s Guide to God.

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