Getting to the Gain Side of Giving

Today at The Gathering we continued in our current series, “Moneyology: How to Win at Life With Money,” with installment number 3, the Bible’s teaching on the essential nature of generosity.

Today I gave 10 reasons why I tithe.  A lot of controversy surrounds tithing.  As a matter of fact, most Christians don’t practice it.  And yet it’s a fundamental teaching of Scripture.  So today we talked about practical reasons why we tithe; the benefits that come and can only come through generosity.

Today we talked about this single principle:  that all the wealth and goodwill that gets created in your life, is created in the principle of joyous generosity.  What you have to give to the world, how you give it, what needs you meet, what wrongs you right, what service you render, alone determines what kind of prosperity and what kind of joy you have.  Learn more about it as you listen to today’s talk.

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