5 Kinds of Weird You Want to Be


People are hurting everywhere you look.  I truly believe that one of the greatest sins we commit every Sunday morning in our churches is underestimating how much hurt and pain people are in.

And while I am very compassionate, because people have been caring for me in my pain, I also have to acknowledge that there are some self-inflicted wounds that we ought to be avoiding.

As a matter of fact, I’m calling for a new normal.  I call it weird.  Yeah, I mean weird.  It’s really weird to be happy and full of joy and energy, and to love what you do.  So here are the five kinds of weirds you want to be:

  1. You want to be debt-free. It sounds kind of odd, revolutionary.  But normal in America is to be in debt, and in some cases, in debt so far that it would take at least a decade to get out.  Determine to be weird and to pay cash.
  2. You want to stay committed to your marriage commitment. Thank God people still believe in marriage.  We’re eternal optimists.  Not only are we getting married, we’re getting married 2, 3, and 4 times.  Whether or not this is your first, second, or third marriage, be weird and stay committed to the promises you made before your pastor, your family and friends, and God and said that you would have each others back and love each other forever.
  3. You want to make the most of your choices. You are never powerless until you give up the power to choose.  You can choose a better life today, this moment just by making a better choice.  The moment you begin to walk and exercise, your body responds and you become healthy.  The moment you begin to read books and learn, your creativity level goes up.  You get the point.
  4. You want to be the kind person that people like to see coming through the door. How do you do that?  Be generous.  Create goodwill.  And one of the most important things you can do is say, “please” and “thank you.”  You want to be the person people smile at and want to welcome into any situation.
  5. You want to be the person who has the strong, vibrant faith; who can without shame or excuse say they love God and seek to do His will.  And if you can do all that without becoming an arrogant, stuck up, self-righteous, religious know-it-all you’ve beat the odds.  Guess what: you’re weird.

Maybe you have some other new kinds of weird that you want to be, to add to this list.  Sit down and talk with your family and friends and ask them how easy it is these days to excel in a sea of mediocrity.

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