How and Why You Can Earn More Money

Today at The Gathering we continued with our series, “Moneyology: How to Win at Life With Money” by talking about the first idea you must master if you’re going to enjoy your God-given blessings.  We talked about earning money the old-fashioned way: by working.

Every day on TV in editorials from commentators we hear about the demise of the American work ethic.  The idea that work in and of itself is a virtuous, noble act is losing ground in our culture.

In order to give you a biblical foundation on which to base your work life, we talked about the seven solid biblical reasons why we work.

We also talked about, when we employ these principles in our lives consistently, there are certain things we can expect. Which simply means when we work for the Lord and when we work like the Lord, we can expect a sure reward from the Lord.

We ended our talk by asking the question, “What is your earning potential given your understanding and engagement in work as of today?”  We asked three questions to allow an understanding of what your earning potential is.

The attendance-based compensation world is going away.  And for that, I say, “Yea God!”  Today we’ll help you understand what’s replacing it and why it’s good news.

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