RG2G 006 You Can’t be Rich and be a Good Christian

A good buddy of mine sent me an email about a book that has become very popular, very fast.  He asked me if I would read it and give him my input.  I did, and it just kindled the flame in me again to defy conventional wisdom that you can’t be rich and be a good Christian.

This book basically advocates that if you really want to love God, the best thing you can do is give away all your money and move and serve the poor.  And while this sounds good and pious on the surface, nothing could be further from the truth.

So today on the Renegade’s Guide to God, we talk about wealth; when it’s good, when it’s bad.  Is it a sign of God’s approval?  Everyone’s supposed to be wealthy; why aren’t some, why are others?  What is the best godly response we can make to money, wealth, riches, and ambition? Would we be better off if everyone was poor?

There are an awfully lot of people calling themselves Christians who are messing a lot of the rest of us up by their dumb views about spirituality, God, and money.  Listen to today’s episode and see what you think.

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