How to Avoid the #1 Money Mistake

I’ve had an overwhelming response to our new series called “Moneyology.” I knew people were hungry to learn the basics of how to win at life with money.  And all that’s been confirmed with the buzz that’s going on around The Gathering.

Today we talked about spending; some of the reasons why we spend against our own self-interest.   If spending is a good thing, it’s a God thing when we spend our money in ways that are helping and productive.

We asked the question today, what kind of spender are you? We identified four kinds of destructive spenders and what motivates them.

We also talked about the three principles you need to ingrain in your life that govern and inform your spending habits.  Also I printed on the outline today 10 spending pledges and 10 spending promises.  Listen to the talk here, and see what you think.

You can go to, go to the media archive and download the outline and fill it in. Print out the pledges and the promises and keep them with you as a reminder as you go through the week.

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