Is It Pride or Principle?

Why is it that good people let pride stand in the way of getting the help they need?

I think oftentimes we confuse pride with principle.  We somehow think there is a principle we can’t violate like not asking for help: not reaching out and confessing that we’re hurting, or that our relationships are suffering, or that we are just shy of all-out terror and panic.

I’ve seen way too many good people refuse help, and continue to let pride blind them to what everyone else can obviously see; that they’re hurting themselves and destroying not only themselves and their future, but others that love them.

Dare we name-drop the famous athletes who have allowed pride and arrogance to stand in the way of the help that they so desperately needed?  How much is wasted?

As we countdown to our “Making Marriage Fun Again” live event here in Nashville, I am excited to see the people who are coming to get help; if nothing else, help to grow.  You don’t have to have a terrible marriage to go to a Marriage Live Event. You can just want to have the absolute best, most amazing marriage possible because that’s what you deserve and that’s what you’re willing to fight for.

Don’t confuse pride and principle. The principle is, we all need help.  And to get the help we need, we have to swallow our pride, humble ourselves, and reach out.  Sometimes it’s registering for a marriage conference, paying the money, and showing up.  Other times, it’s simply revealing to our spouse, to our parents, even to our children that we’re hurting and we need help.

The only crime is to lay down and die needlessly because you wouldn’t take the help you so desperately needed when it was available or offered.

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