RG2G 017 How to Listen to a Sermon with Your Brain

I was in conversation with the guys in my small group and we were bemoaning the sad state of sermonizing and teaching in the American church.

One guy said, “I feel sorry for people who are in the formation stage of their faith with all the muddied up opinions, compromised truths, and just really bad preaching.”

As a result, I thought it would be good today, to talk about how to listen to a sermon.  Maybe you’ve listened to a few.  I’ve actually given far more than I’ve listened to, but I’ve listened to my share, believe you me.  And I’ve learned there are some things you need to ask yourself when you’re listening, because when you’re listening to a spiritual talk, a teacher of any kind, you’re placing your trust in them.  You’re opening up your heart and your mind for what they are saying.  And oftentimes what they have to say may not line up with Scripture and ultimate truth.

So if you’ve ever listened to a sermon, or listened to a teacher, or even a television preacher; read a book, or gone through a study course and you’re wondering if all this stuff is true or not, listen to this show.  I’m going to give you some guidelines, some questions to ask yourself so when you listen to a sermon or spiritual talk, you will listen with your head and heart fully engaged.

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