RG2G 024 Does Loving God Make You Weird?

One of the most difficult things to face when you become a Christian is that not everyone who says they are a Christian, are genuine, authentic, and real.  As a matter, of fact some people are just downright wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They are not just misguided, they are evil.  Yeah, I said it.  Evil, and to be avoided.

The question is, how do you know the difference between someone who is just weird, messed up, and using religion to control and manipulate other people, and people who may be just misguided, misinformed, and well-intentioned, but have never had any information that helps them see their faith as a good thing?

If you’ve ever dealt with the harsh criticism of religious bullies, those who use the Scriptures to prove their points of view, then today’s show is just for you. Hear how to make a distinction between those who are genuine and real, who have a relationship with God that you can learn from and be inspired by, as opposed to religious bullies; those weird people who, in the name of God, try to force their views and opinions on other people.  All this today on Renegade’s Guide to God.

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