Tell Me, Men Are Not This Stupid

I was at a restaurant the other night, a very nice restaurant; a restaurant at which you would not expect to see a urinal with a plastic bag over it with a huge, handmade, ugly sign.  It was like a scar on this otherwise upscale, gorgeously appointed facility.

Once I got over that shock, I was blown away by the sign.  It basically said, “Broken: Please do not use.” And then a plastic bag over it.  Now does this strike you as strange, or is it just me?

I thought, “Are men really this stupid?”  They’ve got a plastic bag over a broken urinal, number one.  Number two, they’ve got a sign, “It’s broken.”  Number three, “It’s broken,” plastic bag, “Please do not use.”  The other thing, which is not germane to this discussion, but when a urinal or any other appliance breaks in a public bathroom, why don’t they just turn off the water?  You say, there’s no place to turn it off.  Exactly.

But I ramble.  This thing got me thinking again about one of my pet peeves.  It’s what I call the “buffoonification of the American male.”  Just look at the commercials.  We are beer-guzzling, pizza-eating buffoons.  We’re stupid, lazy, and slow.  We disrespect our wives and are obsessed to the point of idol-worship with sports and things that blow up.

Ok, I like sports, I like pizza, I like all that stuff.  But the bottom line is, I am not an idiot.  I am not stupid, so don’t treat me that way.  And if you’re a man that has bought into this whole idea that “I’ve just gotta have sex, cause I’m a man.  I just gotta have my way, cause I’m a man.  I just have to buy toys I can’t afford cause I’m a man.  I just have to show my wife who’s boss and scream at her and cuss at her cause I’m a man.”  Then, you are stupid.

A real man takes care of his children. A real man provides, protects, and promotes those closest to him. A real man steps up and takes personal responsibility for his life.  A real man doesn’t often show up on TV.  So be careful how you take your cues.

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