Tell Me, Men Are Not This Stupid

I was at a restaurant the other night, a very nice restaurant; a restaurant at which you would not expect to see a urinal with a plastic bag over it with a huge, handmade, ugly sign.  It was like a scar on this otherwise upscale, gorgeously appointed facility.

Once I got over that shock, I was blown away by the sign.  It basically said, “Broken: Please do not use.” And then a plastic bag over it.  Now does this strike you as strange, or is it just me?

I thought, “Are men really this stupid?”  They’ve got a plastic bag over a broken urinal, number one.  Number two, they’ve got a sign, “It’s broken.”  Number three, “It’s broken,” plastic bag, “Please do not use.”  The other thing, which is not germane to this discussion, but when a urinal or any other appliance breaks in a public bathroom, why don’t they just turn off the water?  You say, there’s no place to turn it off.  Exactly.

But I ramble.  This thing got me thinking again about one of my pet peeves.  It’s what I call the “buffoonification of the American male.”  Just look at the commercials.  We are beer-guzzling, pizza-eating buffoons.  We’re stupid, lazy, and slow.  We disrespect our wives and are obsessed to the point of idol-worship with sports and things that blow up.

Ok, I like sports, I like pizza, I like all that stuff.  But the bottom line is, I am not an idiot.  I am not stupid, so don’t treat me that way.  And if you’re a man that has bought into this whole idea that “I’ve just gotta have sex, cause I’m a man.  I just gotta have my way, cause I’m a man.  I just have to buy toys I can’t afford cause I’m a man.  I just have to show my wife who’s boss and scream at her and cuss at her cause I’m a man.”  Then, you are stupid.

A real man takes care of his children. A real man provides, protects, and promotes those closest to him. A real man steps up and takes personal responsibility for his life.  A real man doesn’t often show up on TV.  So be careful how you take your cues.

8 thoughts on “Tell Me, Men Are Not This Stupid”

  1. Concur, very much, David. Since childhood, I was fortunate to somehow not buy into the “American-Publisized Male” persona. I don’t know if it was some movie I watched or something I experienced early on, but growing up in the south it was hard to find those that shared the same sentiments.

    It does not seem Christ-like to think “tough skin” is cool and anything “unromantic” is the only thing a true man can express.

    This is why Braveheart is a true example of the heart of a noble man, whose heart will but the will of Christ before his. (though that’s debatable in the purity of the film’s intention, but can liberally be credited nonetheless)

    Without further ado, I have found these men in existence in Nashville, and now here from Burbank, CA spread across to Malibu. (The Forbes Family (my best friend’s family recently new attendees there; is a fine example of Men of solid Romantic Courage)

    Los Angeles is a great place to find people of every sort. No matter how you stick out, there seems to be a solid group of people that fit in.

    Thanks for the writings.

    Daniel Pierce

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