With God, Waiting is Never Wasted

Today @ The Gathering we continued our current series, “Yea God! The 8 Things You Won’t Learn About God in Church,” with installment number 7, “Yea God; With You, Timing is Everything.”

I really enjoyed speaking today, more academically than I usually do; in other words, talking about history and back-story to the gospel.  I felt it was important because oftentimes we dismiss how significant and important Christmas really is by dealing with all the day-to-day commercial aspects.

It scares me sometimes that those of us who call ourselves Christians really have a sentimental attachment to Christmas rather than a theological, spiritual one.

So today I really talked about the importance of timing:

  • the timing we’ve got is everything
  • waiting is not wasted
  • circumstances are not random
  • clarity is almost never possible, but certainty is

There are things that you can know about how God will absolutely respond in certain situations because He has told us ahead of time who He is and how He responds.  And He’s illustrated it not only through the five important people of the New Testament, but the five essential covenants.

If you’re frustrated, feel left behind, or forgotten by God, you feel like God is late, or that His motives toward you cannot be trusted, today’s talk is just what you need to hear.

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