Dave Rave – 5 Signs it’s Too Soon to Settle

daveraveThere is nothing sadder in life than to see someone who has settled for second best.  We all start out with high hopes, but life has a way of beating us down over time.  Here are five signs it’s too soon for you to settle for mediocre or second best.

  1. You still want it. Desire is key to achieving anything.  Without it, nothing in your life will ever be great; not your career, not your marriage, not your relationships; not even your faith. If you still want it, it’s a sign it’s too soon to settle.
  2. You know what it takes to get it.  It’s one thing to want something.  It’s altogether another thing to understand the price that has to be paid, and the strategy that needs to be implemented. If you know what it takes to get what you want, it is way too soon to settle.
  3. You believe there are people out there of good will who will be willing to help. No one succeeds alone.  Truthfully, no one becomes mediocre alone.  The difference is the people you run with.  If you believe there are people of skill, accomplishment, and goodwill out there; if you could find them, they’d help you, and you know they’d be willing.  Then it’s way to soon to settle.
  4. You’re convinced that achieving your dream, your wants, your goals will help a lot of people.  Paula and I have a goal of reaching a million couples in the next ten years with the message of making marriage fun again, of growing great relationships, children, marriages, and families.  We believe this can change the world.  If you don’t feel similar about what you’re into, you need a bigger vision.
  5. You have a vision for success beyond success.  There’s nothing sadder than someone who has reached their life goals only to sit down and retire and die long before they’re dead.  If you have a vision for how you can stay engaged, growing, and excited for the rest of your life, then it’s way too soon settle.

Don’t settle for mediocre or second best.  Just because you haven’t achieved it so far doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  Persist, continue, never give up.  Life has a way of giving good things to people who won’t settle for less.

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